The Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education Culture and Science, Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mongolian Foundation for Science and Technology, and Mongolian Young Scientists Association (Young Scientists Association in Technology and Innovation) organize conference “Khurel Togoot” annually for young scientists and researchers. This conference allows young scientists and researchers to introduce their work to others and gives chance to co-operate.

Main fields and topics of the conference are mining, power, construction, food, textiles, industrial technology, mathematics, mechanical, and innovation. The conference receives approximately 60 scientific papers annually and a scientific journal containing these 60 papers is presented at the conference.

The conference divided into two sessions: Theoretical and Applied Sciences. Each session selects 8-9 papers out of the 60 papers submitted. The authors of the selected papers are presented their work at the conference.

The Association for Young Scientists in Technology and Innovation selects the best 2 papers and send them for Mongolian Presidential Grant, Minister of Education Culture and Science Grant, and the Academy of Sciences Grant.

This year the conference will be held on October 15, 2011.

Deadline for submission of reports: September 25, 2011.